The 24x360 project

24x360 is a purely artistic and experimental project using 24 cameras and lightpainting techniques. The project was born after a very intense year mounting and unmounting our rig in live events. We then finally sat down at our studio to create inspiring 360 degree bullet time pictures.

See also LightSpin, a behind-the-scenes documentary involving contemporary dancers, where stop-motion has been added to the process

24x360 has been created in Montreal in October/November 2012, using light-painting and bullet-time techniques.

by Patrick Rochon,  Timecode Lab, and  Eric Paré

Team : Nicolas Foisy, Stéphane Hoareau, David Gaudet, Jeremy Lloubes, Alexandre Michel, Jean-François Sarrazin

Models & artists : Joanie Darveau, Christelle, Viviane Audet, Mélodie Lamoureux, Yandel bodypainter, Fannie Hunter, Juliet Bayer, Coralie Muroni, Marie-Line, Jenny, Artemis, Ariane, Geneviève Borne, Sanchia Rooker, Jacinthe Amyot, Duo Evelyne Shannon, Neo Tribe,

Post processing : Ahmed Ismael, Diana Nikolova, Marie-Pierre Provencher, Nguyen Van An, Jeff Malo

Web hosting : Groupe Arobas

Project made in Montréal